Summer 2019: the kitchen garden is in transformation to have a bio kitchen garden in 2020.

A recent development at the chateau of Mesnil Geoffroy has been the creation of a kitchen garden within the park.   It covers a surface area of around 5000 square metres.

Within the kitchen garden you can find vegetables growing side by side with flowers.  The garden is therefore in a constant state of change depending on the season.  It is unlikely that visitors would find the same composition of colour and form twice.

Old vegetable varieties are clearly labelled.  Information is provided on how they were grown and how to use them.  Not all were used exclusively in cooking and there is a lot to discover which will surprise and interest the visitor.  For example – there is « oca from Peru » which is also known as New Zealand yam, although it is not a yam in the true sense.  It is a vegetable with the texture of potato but with the taste of sorrel.  There are also violet tomatoes (indigo rose) which, it is claimed, will help reduce inflammation.