The chateau and park of Mesnil Geoffroy are classified as « historic monuments ». Two lateral wings were added to the chateau in 1746 and it was redecorated in the rococo style. Since that date the chateau has virtually remained unchanged and it retains around a third of the original glass in its windows – some of which is signed and dated.

The inventors of the Louis XV-style were true creators in the modern sense of the term who revolutionised the way in which rooms were decorated and furniture designed. The curved rococo lines on room panelling display the high level of skills carpenters attained at this time. Decoration is lighter and more cheerful than in previous periods. Louis XV-style is characterised by its intimacy and comfort. Rooms are smaller and more welcoming than earlier in the 18th century with ceilings lower to retain the heat. Wall panelling is painted in gentle tones (pinks and greens) to harmonise with the exterior park and gardens. Furniture was re-designed so that it occupied the available room space. The curved lines of the rococo style – including the shorter arm rests on chairs – helped accommodate the wide dresses (robes a panier) worn by fashionable women around the middle of the 18th century. Everything is elegant, charming and relaxing. The furniture on display in the chateau comes from the families of both the Prince and Princess Kayali.

During your visit explanations and anecdotes will illustrate the daily life of an aristocratic family in the 18th century.

La salle à Manger du Château

La salle à manger

Le salon des arts du Château de mesnil Geoffroy

Le salon des arts

Château de Mesnil Geoffroy la chambre du prince de Montmorency

La chambre du prince de Montmorency

Le salon en lanterne du château

Le salon en lanterne

Le fumoir du Château de mesnil Geoffroy

Le fumoir

Château de Mesnil Geoffroy la bibliothèque

La bibliothèque